Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Quit My Job. Take That Corporate America : )

Hello friends!!!!!

I am still a little shocked that I actually did this, but I put in my "two weeks" today (I'm actually working until the 29th). No, I'm not unemployed. I'm an artist now :D I actually have big plans. Big big plans. I think too big to be confined between the walls of a cubicle. I'm surprised I lasted this long. Firstly, I'll be spending a lot of time with my kids. I miss them from all the time I've wasted at work, and we're going to have so much fun together. We're going to have play time with Carly and Natalie, we're going to get a pass to the Children's Museum, we're going to read and play music and dance and go on walks!!!! I'm so excited.

I have been gifted an amazing DSLR camera (read- super awesome and professional like), and I'm going to start practicing and getting better at taking photos. I plan to eventually do maternity photos and possibly newborn photos for my clients!!

I'm going to keep growing my doula business and will soon start teaching childbirth education. Hopefully I'll have enough space in my new house to do it out of there.

I am FINALLY going to teach myself to learn to play my guitar. I love to sing (not something I share a lot) and I'm going to have time now to practice. I want to play quiet acoustic singer songwriter type music.

I am going to continue doing tarot readings. I hope to soon set up a website to filter clients through. I seem to keep busy doing this and now I wont feel rushed. I have a top secret plan for creating a tarot deck that I'll reveal soon. Stay posted!

I have a sewing machine that my sister gave me about two years ago that hasn't even come out of the box because I haven't had time for it. I'm going to figure it out and start making slings and whatever the hell I want to sell and to keep for myself or gift to my friends. Etsy here I come!!!

I'm going to cook for my husband and my family. We're going to eat well. Cooking has become such a big deal to me, and it makes me feel wrong when we have to eat processed foods or convenience foods. All of our food will be cooked with love and intention and we will all thrive and be happy because of it.

And I'm going to have time to market Jake's tree business. He's awesome at what he does and just needs clients! I have done that very thing for big business and I can make it happen for our business!!!

I feel like my life is starting. I have to say I'm really inspired by a lot of people in my life who follow their bliss. Carly being one- I thought she was insane when she quit this large company. I thought making good money at a corporation was the holy grail. Now I know why she didn't stay. People of our calibur can't be contained this way. It's like having a wild animal in a cage ;) I don't know my auntie to have ever done anything she didn't want to do. My dad is working towards his dreams of owning lots of property to build a commune :D My mother in law works for herself and doesn't have to answer to anyone (and she's a rockstar on top of that!). My awesome sister has all the drive and determination in the world (and while she's still working for the dark side, I know that fantastic things will happen to her in the future as well). I'm surrounded by people to be proud of and to look up to. I love you all!!! I appreciate every single one of you for helping through this hard time for my family. We've got nothing but fun and excitement coming our way now though!!!!

Peace and Love!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Birth Articles

I have been taking new articles from some fabulous women I've met and I'd like to share them with you. They can be seen here:

Birth Articles

They are at my site www.holistic-doula.com

If you have articles you'd like to submit for the site, please email me at Dani@holistic-doula.com

Peace and Love!