Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eek! Where did the Frugal Dani go???

I'm still here. Less frugal then before perhaps. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I realize I skipped a week, and I apologize. Here is the breakdown of last week (unfortunately not by day, because I didn't have time to keep everything very nice and tidy).

I got a starbucks about 5 times last week. I have downgraded from a venti to a grande. Total- $19.52

I NEEDED to go grocery shopping. I've really been putting it off lately. It's actually good. You'd be surprised how much food you have in your house that you forgot existed. I was trying not to spend too much on groceries for awhile there. Two separate stores... Total: $80.90 (please note that probably about $30 of that is organic formula. Why oh why does it cost so much to eat food that isn't covered in pesticides or pumped with hormones?)

I made a stop by the corner store for an ice cream sandwich for Jake and a juice or something similar. Total: $5.58

There's an amazing little children's consignment shop by my house called Mimi's kids. I love the gal that owns it, and I like to go in every once in awhile and give her a bit of business. She has the BEST prices. I've seen her selling Medela Pump In Style breast pumps for $30. These things are normally $350 brand new! Anywho, I went in and spent about $21.69. It was snowing and I wanted to find some snow pants so Eli could go outside and wallow around. (It didn't last as long as I hoped). I also got this awesome little baby pop up tent thing for going to the beach!!!

There were a couple days I got a little breakfast in the cafe at work. Total: $3.

Final total for the week: $130.69. I suppose that's not as bad as I's also not amazing though. Hmmmm. I will focus more for next week.

: D

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I can't seem to edit my last post, and I really wanted to include a photo of Carly (I hope she doesn't kill me). Don't be jealous. jealous. >:)

Quick Hello!

I'm sad to report that I am on frugal hiatus for last week. Carly was here on vacation (is it vacation if you actually live here???), and we decided that if we tracked our spending than we perhaps wouldn't have had as much fun as was necessary. It was such a breath of fresh air to have her around. I always assumed when I was younger that EVERYONE has a best friend as I do. This is not true, come to find out, and I now realize and accept how completely blessed I am to have her in my life. Carly is not just any best friend, she is THE best friend. She is the yen to my yang. I am uplifted from just having seen her for the short week she was back. She will be back again in April at the latest, and I cannot wait.

So any old way, I will finish my gushing (to Carly's displeasure, I'm sure!), just to note that there are magical happenings afoot! I'm not going to go into details right now, but this blog will be getting more and more interesting in the months to come I am guessing. It's a new world.

Love and blessing to everyone!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Manifesting a Home Part II

It's getting down to it now. We are going to move no later than the first of March. I am really going to focus my energy on what we need so that it will pop up for us.
On top of what I requested previously, we would also like these things:

1. We are looking for something with two semi separate living spaces. Sarah and Abe need a living space, and Jake, Eli, and I need a living space. Maybe a split level? We want the downstairs to have a rec room, bath room, and hopefully a bedroom. Upstairs can have the master bedroom with attached bath, second bedroom, kitchen, and living room (maybe even a third bath...?).

2. Closer to work to lessen commute. I think if I can remove even the smallest amount of stress out of my commute, it would be a good thing. It also has to be a neighborhood everyone is happy living in though.

3. W/S/G paid. : )

4. Fully fenced back yard so Sarah's dog can roam free.

5. A good landlord! This is crucial. Someone who isn't going to stress me out and drive me nuts.

You know, I think that's everything that is a NEED other than something that is within our price range. Now that all is noted, I am going to go find our house!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I don't generally do resolutions, but there's a few things I'd like to focus on this year. With having a sweet baby last year, I didn't focus much on anything else. It honestly felt like the year passed and I didn't do anything aside from having Eli (which is no small feat, don't get me wrong!). So here's my list:

1. I am going to be more outdoorsy. This is my number one goal. I am a prissy city girl and I feel like everyone knows it and is secretly laughing at me behind my prissy back! I am a little bit, honestly, but I'm going to get past it. It's hard in the winter due to the insane amounts of rain, but as soon as it goes away, I'm outdoors darnit! I'm going to start gardening a bit and I'm going to hike and swim and camp and before the end of the year I should be able to roll around in the mud with the best of 'em!!!!

2. The cliche I'm going to lose a few pounds. Thought #2 was a good place for it ; )

3. Carly is going to teach me how to knit I decided. I get so excited when I look at all of her patterns and I want to make stuff!

4. I have a little sewing machine I got for Christmas and I'm going to make baby slings like a crazy woman! Tons of people are having babies right now and I think everyone MUST HAVE a baby sling.

5. I am going to be greener. I already started, but I'm going to get more militant about it. We are moving closer to our places of employment soon, so that will cut back on gas usage. I'm thinking I might be green and outdoorsy enough soon to maybe think about a composting pile. That'll save garbage. I've been pretty intense with my recylcing lately and will keep that up. I just recently started cloth diapering and I'm going to try desperately to keep that up (Eli pees so much and you have to change them a lot more often! In the name of being green though!). We don't use paper towels anymore. It really wasn't a hard transition and I can't believe we didn't do it before. You can create a lot of waste with just paper towels! Sheesh! We are using canvas shopping bags now instead of plastic (we try our darndist anyway!).

Just a little tidbit about that- I read somewhere (this isn't an exact quote, but I'm pretty sure it's close to right anyway!) that plastic bags and disposable diapers are the #1 and #2 things in land fills. Food for thought.

And 6. I want to play guitar more. Well, at all really. I say more as if I've been doing it. I have two guitars and I love the idea but I'm a lazy bum when it comes to practicing. I'm one of those people that expects to be a rock star the first day and is discouraged when that doesn't come to pass ; )

Wish me luck guys!

Frugal Check in #4

I did amazing last week!!! I think I may have beat Carly again : )

I went to QFC to pick up some creamer for coffee, some vegetarian corn dogs (mmm!) and some food for baby. $20.27 (Those corn dogs are expensive! Like $5 for 4, but I love them.)

I stopped by Walmart (hissss...I always end up there even though I make a point not too). I got some groceries for the house. $$18.15

I had to go one morning and get another can of formula for Eli at Haggen. $19.99

Grand total last week: $58.41


It may also be good to note that I paid off two credit cards this week as well. It can be fun being frugal.

Ooooh! Forgot to mention- a couple of things happened last week that could have caused me to lose (the universe still loves me though!)
1.) I ordered pizza. I wanted it so bad. Vegetarian pizza with a garlic cream sauce. It was calling my name. When the pizza got to my house, it was the wrong pizza. I was already in a bad mood and all a girl wanted was some pizza. I called and made my bad mood known (I do kind of feel bad about that...), but! FREE PIZZA! Savings: about $20

2.) I went out to eat with a girlfriend from work another day to Taco Del Mar ( I was in an eating out mood this week!). I was so proud of myself for doing such a good job, that I thought I could just treat myself to a lunch. I get there... I order my food... I get in my wallet... I have two taco del mar punchy card thingys, with a total of 10 punches. Free taco del mar! Savings: $8

3.) Sis, Abe, Jake, and I went to Red Robin to have a veggie burger on New Year's Eve. I had a gift card so it was also free. Savings: about $20

Total Savings: about $48. That's almost as much as I spent!