Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Frugal Check in #4

I did amazing last week!!! I think I may have beat Carly again : )

I went to QFC to pick up some creamer for coffee, some vegetarian corn dogs (mmm!) and some food for baby. $20.27 (Those corn dogs are expensive! Like $5 for 4, but I love them.)

I stopped by Walmart (hissss...I always end up there even though I make a point not too). I got some groceries for the house. $$18.15

I had to go one morning and get another can of formula for Eli at Haggen. $19.99

Grand total last week: $58.41


It may also be good to note that I paid off two credit cards this week as well. It can be fun being frugal.

Ooooh! Forgot to mention- a couple of things happened last week that could have caused me to lose (the universe still loves me though!)
1.) I ordered pizza. I wanted it so bad. Vegetarian pizza with a garlic cream sauce. It was calling my name. When the pizza got to my house, it was the wrong pizza. I was already in a bad mood and all a girl wanted was some pizza. I called and made my bad mood known (I do kind of feel bad about that...), but! FREE PIZZA! Savings: about $20

2.) I went out to eat with a girlfriend from work another day to Taco Del Mar ( I was in an eating out mood this week!). I was so proud of myself for doing such a good job, that I thought I could just treat myself to a lunch. I get there... I order my food... I get in my wallet... I have two taco del mar punchy card thingys, with a total of 10 punches. Free taco del mar! Savings: $8

3.) Sis, Abe, Jake, and I went to Red Robin to have a veggie burger on New Year's Eve. I had a gift card so it was also free. Savings: about $20

Total Savings: about $48. That's almost as much as I spent!


Carly Fay said...

Good job! Yeah, you squashed me like a bug. Next week might be bad news too, since we'll be in "vacation" mode... I'd better start working on your prize. ;-)

*Dani* said...

I'm doing pretty good this week too...hmmm >: )

I did get a papa murpheys pizza last night though. Pretty cheap as far as pizza goes, but uneccesary spending. AAAANNNND- not very good for my resolution to lose a couple pounds. I'm obviously not too worried about it!