Monday, September 22, 2008

Vision Board 9/22/2008

It's not exactly Treasure Mapping time, but I'm feeling an urge to create a vision board of the things I'd like to occur in the next...oh six months or so. I think it's important to not only think out your goals, but to visualize them into existence. With so many happenings going on for me right now, this will be a good way to map out my thoughts and ideas.

So without further ado....

We will be moving in the next month or so. I am manifesting the perfect house for us (see details in the post below), and I am also manifesting all the money we need to move into that house.

I know this is totally random, but I have always really wanted a vw bus. I would rather have one instead of my car right now, and it seems practical. I don't think I'll ever drive a minivan, but I would like to have more kids- so it makes sense to have a car that'll hold more than two kids, right? Maybe I could even get one and convert it to bio-diesel? Or even better yet, maybe I can find someone selling one that is already bio-diesel?!

I want to continue being diligent about doing yoga (even after I leave my job to be home with my kids!) I've been doing it twice a week now. Once I'm home with my kids, I want to start them in on doing yoga with me. It's very refreshing and I feel exhilirated doing it :)

Once I'm home, I want to spend time working on crafts and hobbies. I've been so busy taking care of kids and working, that I haven't had any time for myself. That's about to change!!! I'm going to keep teaching myself to sew, and play guitar, and keep learning to cook (which I'm getting better and better at!), and garden, and anything my heart desires! I love crafty things! Maybe I'll even get a niche and set up an etsy shop.

I want Jake's business to become more and more successful, as well as his position within the company he's already at!!!!

Perhaps there'll be a part two to this...Hmm. But for now, so it is!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time to Manifest a House Again!

Well folks, it's time to ramble on. I have experienced the contrast of living in the house I'm in, so now I can refine what it is that I want in a new house...

I need a house with at least two bedrooms and one bathroom. I really want something quaint and cottage like, with a woodsy secluded feel. Well insulated and double pane windows are a must! A fireplace would be lovely. Here's just a couple examples for you Universe:

I want a large kitchen with nice, easy to clean appliances (including a dishwasher!). There needs to be room for Jake and I to cook together, because that is one of our favorite past times!

I need a nice bathroom with an EASY TO CLEAN bathtub. Think cute and spa like. There needs to be a fan so it stays nice and dry :)

And we will also need a whimsical garden that I can frolick in with my children. We just love to frolick.

And it has to of course be in the right location with the right price!!!!

And so it is!