Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time to Manifest a House Again!

Well folks, it's time to ramble on. I have experienced the contrast of living in the house I'm in, so now I can refine what it is that I want in a new house...

I need a house with at least two bedrooms and one bathroom. I really want something quaint and cottage like, with a woodsy secluded feel. Well insulated and double pane windows are a must! A fireplace would be lovely. Here's just a couple examples for you Universe:

I want a large kitchen with nice, easy to clean appliances (including a dishwasher!). There needs to be room for Jake and I to cook together, because that is one of our favorite past times!

I need a nice bathroom with an EASY TO CLEAN bathtub. Think cute and spa like. There needs to be a fan so it stays nice and dry :)

And we will also need a whimsical garden that I can frolick in with my children. We just love to frolick.

And it has to of course be in the right location with the right price!!!!

And so it is!

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