Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eek! Where did the Frugal Dani go???

I'm still here. Less frugal then before perhaps. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I realize I skipped a week, and I apologize. Here is the breakdown of last week (unfortunately not by day, because I didn't have time to keep everything very nice and tidy).

I got a starbucks about 5 times last week. I have downgraded from a venti to a grande. Total- $19.52

I NEEDED to go grocery shopping. I've really been putting it off lately. It's actually good. You'd be surprised how much food you have in your house that you forgot existed. I was trying not to spend too much on groceries for awhile there. Two separate stores... Total: $80.90 (please note that probably about $30 of that is organic formula. Why oh why does it cost so much to eat food that isn't covered in pesticides or pumped with hormones?)

I made a stop by the corner store for an ice cream sandwich for Jake and a juice or something similar. Total: $5.58

There's an amazing little children's consignment shop by my house called Mimi's kids. I love the gal that owns it, and I like to go in every once in awhile and give her a bit of business. She has the BEST prices. I've seen her selling Medela Pump In Style breast pumps for $30. These things are normally $350 brand new! Anywho, I went in and spent about $21.69. It was snowing and I wanted to find some snow pants so Eli could go outside and wallow around. (It didn't last as long as I hoped). I also got this awesome little baby pop up tent thing for going to the beach!!!

There were a couple days I got a little breakfast in the cafe at work. Total: $3.

Final total for the week: $130.69. I suppose that's not as bad as I's also not amazing though. Hmmmm. I will focus more for next week.

: D


Carly Fay said...

That's not so so bad. Did you see how shameful I was last time? Yow. Twice as bad as you were this week. Do you have a ballpark of what you spent the week before? Just wondering if I should get started on your prize... ;-)

*Dani* said...

I probably spent $150 the week before...I expect to spend about $200 at least this week...eeeep!!! Maybe you don't need to get started on my prize....