Thursday, February 1, 2007

Frugal Check In / Week 1/22- 1/28

I am so horribly late this week!!! I've been house hunting among other things and haven't had much time to get online. So- a quick run down! Last week:

Groceries: $80.90

Starbucks: $36.41 (holy poop!)

I bought this book called 'Law of Attraction: The Basic Teachings of Abraham'. I was excited about this because it was regarding the Law of Attraction, but the way they wrote it was creepy to me. They are channelling this guy named 'Abraham' and he's teaching them about loa. I quit reading it because it wasn't for me. Not so sure how I feel about channelling...Anyways, because I was originally so excited about the book, I bought it full price (gasp!). I would normally go to half price books, but no. So, book: $18.46.

Had a hankerin to go thrift store shopping...Goodwill: $28

And lastly, I stopped by Rite Aid and picked up a couple little make up thingys I was needing (I was completely out of gloss, and that certainly will not do): $10.79

Not a great week for me....$174.56 (ugh).

However, because of the catching up we've been doing, we have paid off I believe 5 credit cards : D Heck yes sistah. One more cc to go. I'm almost done. And then we'll pay off the older car.

I know I've had my weeks that were perhaps less than frugal, but just tracking it has helped me so much with staying on top of my bills. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I used to over draft constantly and had to go to (I can't believe I'm saying this) money tree on occassion to stay on top of things. Not anymore people. It's as simple as REALLY tracking your spending. Even this week at $174. It's still not as bad as it used to be. I never tracked, but I assume I could easily spend $500 a week. : ( That's ridiculous. And cutting back on my horrible shopping addiction has allowed me to focus on things that are more important. I go on walks with Eli, I listen to music a lot lately and dance, I try to organize the house (which for some reason is equally fulfilling as shopping- not sure why???).

I know when I note this week on Monday, it's not going to be amazing either (I needed a few extras I wouldn't normally buy on your average week), but I am going to be extra focused next week.



Carly Fay said...

Preach on, sista!It's so so true. My combined credit card debt is now only $1500 (not including student loans). How do you smiley a victory dance? ;-) So exciting. We're killing our debt monsters!

*Dani* said...

$1500?!!!! I am so damn proud of you! I can't believe we've struggled so long and it's all fixing itself now. We'll be debt free in a very short time now. :D

o o

Does that look anything like a victory dance? Hahahahah! I'm workin hard today...

*Dani* said...

That didn't come out the way it looked on my screen! I had it all lined up!

Carly Fay said...

I can see how it would look if it lined up the way you had it...