Monday, January 8, 2007

Manifesting a Home Part II

It's getting down to it now. We are going to move no later than the first of March. I am really going to focus my energy on what we need so that it will pop up for us.
On top of what I requested previously, we would also like these things:

1. We are looking for something with two semi separate living spaces. Sarah and Abe need a living space, and Jake, Eli, and I need a living space. Maybe a split level? We want the downstairs to have a rec room, bath room, and hopefully a bedroom. Upstairs can have the master bedroom with attached bath, second bedroom, kitchen, and living room (maybe even a third bath...?).

2. Closer to work to lessen commute. I think if I can remove even the smallest amount of stress out of my commute, it would be a good thing. It also has to be a neighborhood everyone is happy living in though.

3. W/S/G paid. : )

4. Fully fenced back yard so Sarah's dog can roam free.

5. A good landlord! This is crucial. Someone who isn't going to stress me out and drive me nuts.

You know, I think that's everything that is a NEED other than something that is within our price range. Now that all is noted, I am going to go find our house!

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