Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Louise Hay is an absolute Angel!

I swear everything that comes from this woman's mouth is magical. She's got a calming presence and true trust in the Universe. Enjoy!

Loving Yourself

And this is a great book by Louise that everyone should own:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Garden Volunteers...

I have some random things in my garden and I have no clue what they are. Some may be just flowers, or weeds, or herbs, or whatever, but I am dying to know if they are useful in any way!!! If you recognize any of these, let me know! :D

Friday, July 25, 2008

What's Up on Planet Earth?

I was referred to this website and it's fabulous! If you sign up, you get emails everytime Karen posts a new "Energy Alert". She also speaks about cob houses if that's something you're interested in...

You can find her newest Energy Alerts here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nibiru and 2012

This is quite interesting. The music is a little cheesy, but the message is captivating. I don't necessarily buy into it, but I don't necessarily disagree with it either. I recall them saying on the news some time ago that there was what they called a planet X, and then I never heard of it again. That in itself makes me wonder why they would hide it from us...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New kids photos!

Spreading the cuteness around!

I did that weird thing where I have half open eyes in this photo- but Asher looks so cute I couldn't not post it! ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just for fun...

Carly and I with henna at each of our respective mother blessings ;)

Grateful Grateful Grateful!

I haven't posted in so very long! My vibe is a bit low today, so I figured I'd try to make myself post about what I'm grateful for and bring it up a few notches!

I'm grateful for my new littlest guy- he's adorable and lovable! He's got chubby little arms and legs and the biggest smile. He makes me feel so happy.

photo by <-- he'd probably kill me if I didn't post that ;)

I'm grateful for my other little guy as well. He is strong and independent, but he also cares for every member of his family. When Asher cries, he puts his hand on his head and says bruh-er (brother). He gives out lots and lots of kisses these days too. And he's just recently taken to an awesome stuffed giraffe- he never cared for any particular toy before so it's super cute to me. Not to mention giraffes are my favorite animal ever and out of all his toys he chose a giraffe!

I'm grateful that it's summertime and it's nice and warm outside. I love having the doors open in my house and listening to music and letting all that beautiful sunshine come through my giant front room windows! Mmmmm.

I'm grateful that I have a house of my own that I can do to what I please. I love that I can paint the kitchen orange and paint a giant tree in Eli's playroom :D

I'm grateful for gardening! I love that I have a yard these days! It's so fun to plant your flowers and watch them grow. I love my honeysuckle that my good pal Xamara got for me- it's getting bigger and bigger and smells fabulous! And the colors are energizing and fun.

I'm grateful that we have friends around all week long coming and going and bringing us happiness throughout the day. They're around to help when we need it and they always raise the vibe.

I'm grateful for my well paying job that allows me to have the nice things I have in my life.

I am really grateful for google video :D I can listen to history channel stuff on my headset at work and it makes work much more pleasant.


I had to edit to add I'm grateful for my new niece Lily! She's an angel and a blessing. :)