Thursday, November 30, 2006

Working on Frugality

My name is Dani, and I am a horrible shopoholic/ spender. It's the one thing I hate most about myself, and it's more embarrassing then you might imagine. I just need to get it out there so I can hold myself accountable. I was speaking with my best friend Carly via text message earlier, and she was telling me about her plan to spend hardly anything in the next few months. This is what I need to do. We've decided to challenge eachother for the least amount of money spent (this will be slightly easier for me now that I've basically finished Christmas shopping > : )

We are going to count every dime that we spend aside from bills and gas. We will count groceries, as they can be downsized.

I will log on and post my spendings from the previous week on Mondays. Next week will only have the spendings from today until Sunday (since I'm just starting this now).

This means- No more Starbucks. No more Christmas shopping (or minimal anyway- I still need to get my brother a couple things). No more Macy's. No more eating out for breakfast and lunch at work.

I am going to be removing my debit cards, credit cards, AND even my checkbook from my purse. I will give myself a limited amount of cash each week. This is a bit scary. Wish me luck!!!!

1 comment:

Housewife said...

Good luck to you!

What about a reward system?

Take all that money you didn't spend and put it in a 529 plan for baby to go to college???

Can't wait to read more.