Saturday, December 23, 2006

Busy busy busy busy!

Hello everyone! Very sorry I haven't updated you on my frugalness among other things. We are much too busy right now for me to sit and do too much on the computer. I will note that I haven't been very frugal at all!! I had to buy Christmas dinner for 15 people and finish up on gifts. I probably spent $300 for last week and another $300 this week. That's my best guess. I am still getting random checks in the mail though. Oh yeah, and we're about to win powerball ; )
I don't normally buy tix, but sis says that it's at like 60 mil right now. If I win, all of my family and good friends can quit their jobs and we can start a commune. More about that later, after I win our 60 mil.

I mostly wanted to post some new pics of my little mister for All to see. I know that my Carly misses him, and everyone should really just take time to bask in his glory.

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Carly Fay said...

That's true, I do miss him! He is the happiest baby in the universe. It looks like he's getting a little mohawk! Well, hurry up and win powerball so we can move. I can design the commune for you. ;-)Lucky will be happy, since he's communist like you, haha.