Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Manifesting a Home....

Ok, so my dad always tells me that you have to manifest the things you want for yourself and that your focus determines your reality. Anyone that knows him is probably laughing right now, because that is basically his catch phrase. : )

I want to move soon. I keep almost jumping the gun, but I know everything will turn out better if we wait a bit. I'm thinking probably April or so. That will be just in time for Eli's first birthday! Anywho, I am now going to begin manifesting my home. If I start now, I think certainly by April it should happen. I would love to buy a house, but that's basically a joke in this area. You never know what might happen though...maybe something will come up? Either way, even if I have to rent, I'm going to find something I LIKE and WANT to live in. I'm tired of moving all the damn time because I can't find a place to be.

Here is a short list (haha) of the things I'd like my home to have/be -(keep in mind that some of these may be a little extreme, but a girl can wish, right???):

1.) They MUST take one cat, and one small dog. I have an Abyssinian cat that I absolutely adore, and he's been with my dad the last couple of years. I want my cat back!
(He looks very much like this guy, but grey. Fyi- if you want a cat- think about an abyssinian. By far the coolest most loyal cat I've ever had. His name is Oscar in case you were wondering.)

2.) 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

3.) One of the baths should have a clawfoot bathtub, like this one (not a neccessity, but I'm having fun!):

4.) Room for a garden where I can grow red peppers, and herbs, and dahlias, and lots of other things! ( I would also like a smallish blackberry bush existing there already on that note...)

5.) Huge windows so I can have lots of sunshine and happy plants indoors.

6.) Rustic looking hardwood floors (I want them to be kind of older looking with some cool knots in them. I don't wants pefectly polished, fake looking wood floors).

7.) We must have at least one ceiling fan. Not because it's hot (it's not anywhere near hot in my book), but because my child LOVES to stare at ceiling fans. He will watch a ceiling fan for days in sheer awe.

8.) I would really love an awesome tree outside in the yard. We have a cool tree out back right now that I like to look at, and I don't want to lose that when we move.

This is it for now, but I will probably post a part two at some point : )


Carly Fay said...

Oooh, I should copy you and do the same. I have little paper lists like this but if other people can see it it has more power. I love your list! I did this with my car and got EXACTLY what was on the list!

*Dani* said...

It works!! Jake and I are going to watch this movie called "the secret" tomorrow night. It's about manifesting the things you want. You and matt should watch it! You can watch it online for $5 (Not frugal, eh? Maybe I can manifest some money...)