Monday, March 19, 2007

Manifesting abundance and bliss

I am going to take some time and really manifest the things that I want and that will make me happy. Part of me feels like I should wait until treasure mapping time, but then I realized, I can manifest all the time and I'm not technically "treasure mapping" a visual right now, so it's ok ;)

Firstly, I am GOING to be a midwife within the next 4-5 years. I will make it happen. If I'm going to live a life where I have to work the majority of my waking hours, it WILL be something important and worthwhile, and it WILL be something I enjoy doing. I am starting by taking childbirth support classes in June. :D I'm very excited about this, it is a big step for me. More on this late.

Secondly, I am going to work to build the equity in my home with remodels. My house is a diamond in the rough. Once I'm through, it will be an absolutely stunning piece of property. I do not plan on selling, but I would like to refi, and here's why.

I've decided that once I refinance, I am going to withdraw about 60k. With that money, I am going to buy a couple acres or so (probably in the middle of nowhere- and all the better really). This land will at first be for recreation, but I have a couple of other ideas for it. I would like to build my hobbit houses. Tons of them. I don't know yet what I'm going to do with them, but I want to have them there. Seems like it would just be good to have a secluded property available to me and my family should we ever need it. Please see this amazing website:

Perhaps I can contact these people and get blueprints. These are amazing. It think they say it'll be about 9-10k American to build these dwellings. How awesome!!!!

They can be there when dad wants to retire, if we want to just get away, or (and here's the conspiracy theorist in me) if anything 'happens' where you need to get somewhere safe.

My other thought is, there is a place called the Farm in TN where they have midwives at almost a resort for lack of a better word. You can travel there to give birth and just stay until you have your baby, Ooooooor if you live nearby, you can just travel there once you go into labor. Perhaps my hobbit houses can be simliar?

We have an amazing midwifery school here in WA and I'm sure I could find other aspiring midwives that would be wanting to go in on this as well. I'm more thinking out loud than anything right now...


Just got off the phone with my old midwife. She's going to need an assistant/doula in about a year. I'm on the list. I'm going to call them in June after my doula training and make it happen. I already know that they love me. Hurray!!!!!


Carly Fay said...

So so so so so amazingly exciting. Things are coming together!

*Dani* said...

I have to tell you something else wild later- text me when you get the chance ;)

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